Flute for Senior Care


I play professional,relaxing, peaceful music on wooden flutes for residents of long term care centers.  To see the research on the effects of music on health conditions, visit the research tab. I watch breathing deepen and faces light up as I play.  I specialize in one-on-one care for Seniors, visiting several individuals in an hour for 10-15 minute visits.  Individuals who do not participate in other activities or who are bed-bound  often respond to therapeutic music at the bedside.   As  a Certified Music Practitioner,  I am trained to tailor my musical sessions to the needs of each individual.

I am also a Denver Massage Therapist

To schedule me for a free initial visit to your nursing home or assisted living center, give me a call at 303-522-6947 or send an email to heart flute@yahoo.com


David Burrows. B.A.Voice, CMP

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